7 Data Recovery Suite 3.7 Registration Code

Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac allows you to recover erased and lost data files from emptied trash, your Mac's hard disk drive, a formatted volume/partition, or other storage devices.

7 Data Recovery Suite 3.7 Registration Code

You can also opt for it if you would like to recuperate accidently erased files from an emptied trash bin or a drive partition.

Here is a full list of file extensions that the application can recover: ab, abr, acb, ado, ahn, als, amd, apa, apple, asl, asm, atd, axx, bac, bim, cdt, class, comicdoc, csh, ctg, d2s, dat, db, dbf, dbn, ddf, dex, diskimage, dmp, dsc, e01, eCryptfs, elf, exs, ext, fat, fat, fbf, fbk, fcp, fcs, fds, fh10, fh5, fits, flp, fob, fp5, fp7, freeway, frm, fs, fwd, gam, gct, gho, gm6, gp5, gpg, hdf, hds, hfsp, hr9, http, icc, idx, ifo, imb, indd, kdb, kdbx, ldf, lit, lnk, logic, lso, luks, lxo, mat, mcd, mfa, mfg, mft, mig, mk5, mxf, myo, nk2, nsf, paf, pcap, pds, pfx, plt, prc, prt, ptb, pyc, pzf, pzh, qdf, reg, res, rfp, rlv, save, ses, sp3, sparseimage, spf, sqlite, stl, tax, torrent, tph, tpl, ttf, tz, v2i, vault, vdi, veg, vfb, vmdk, vmg, wallet, win, woff, wtv, xfi, xpt, xsv, z2d, exe, fdb.

Document Recovery

This mode helps restore normal text files such as MS Word and PDF files.

The software supports all of these popular file types: doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx, pdf, and txt. Furthermore, the Document Recovery mode can just recover these types of different document formats: wpd, dxf, mdb, accdb, and djv.

Here is a comprehensive list of document file types that the software can handle: 3dm, DS_Store, accdb, binvox, catdrawing, chm, cwk, djv, doc, drw, dwg, dxf, evt, jsonlz4, key, mdb, mobi, njx, one, pap, pdf, plist, ps, qbb, qxd, sav, skd, skp, sqm, tx, txt, wee, wks, wpd.

Archive File Recovery

ZIP files are the most commonly utilized archive files. The ZIP file extension is supported by almost all file compression applications such as 7-zip and WinRar.

Archives make it easy to maintain related files collectively and make moving, emailing, downloading and storing data quicker and more efficiently.

There are other archive formats including RAR, TAR, 7-zip, dmg, ZIPX, XZ, and SIT.

Using the Archive File Recovery mode, you can get all these files back with few clicks.
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