Driver Genius Professional 17 Overview

Driver Genius Professional 17 is one of the best Windows driver control applications that will discover and update obsolete drivers on your PC computer.

Driver Genius Professional can also backup and bring back your existing Windows drivers, which is very useful especially if your Windows OS crashes or perhaps when updating it to a new Windows operating system version.

When you download the Driver Genius Professional 17 free trial and run a free scan, you can see which drivers are outdated. If you would like automatically update your drivers with Driver Genius Professional, you have to register the product for a one-time fee of $29. 95 USD. Every single purchase of Driver Genius license code is supported by a complete 15-day money back guarantee.

With only a couple of clicks of your mouse button, Driver Genius can examine the drivers on your computer and suggest upgrades from a data source consisting of over 160, 000 drivers.

The database has PC drivers designed for most hardware equipment such as digital cameras, keyboards, mice, modems, monitors, motherboards, network cards, sound cards, video capture cards, video cards, and so on.

Driver updates can be found on the vendor’s website free of charge, but they can be challenging to identify for your specific device, model or version.

Last, the software is available for Windows only and it does not have a Mac edition. Moreover, the current version of Driver Genius Pro is Here are some old version numbers: ,, 10, 12, 14,,,,,,, 16.0.1,,,

Key Features of Driver Genius Professional 17

Drivers Update

Driver Genius Professional 17 Review - Drivers Update
Driver Genius Professional 17 Review – Drivers Update

The database of Driver Genius hosts more than 160, 000 device drivers, counting Keyboard, Modem, Motherboard, Mouse, Network Card, Printer and Digital devices, Scanner, keyboard, microphone, speakers, Web camera, wireless mouse, Sound card, Video card, and so on. With a single mouse click, Driver Genius will determine and update all drivers that require upgrading. Driver Genius Professional 17 uses official and WHQL driver versions only, thus you will not have compatibility issues.

To start updating out-dated drivers, click ‘Start Scan’ to search for driver updates, and then click “Update All” after that Driver Genius finishes the scanning task.

Driver Genius can identify more than 160, 000 equipment and provide their newest version drivers. It could also discover the devices even you do not know their version, brand, and category.

The Driver Genius Professional free trial has to be activated using a genuine license code to be able to install new drivers. Also, try to avoid searching and using a keygen, serial key generator, and crack because they could harm your computer and data.

Drivers Restore

Driver Genius Professional 17 Review - Drivers Restoration
Driver Genius Professional 17 – Drivers Restoration

Driver Genius Profesional 17 allows you to regain your drivers from a system restore point or a backup file.

Driver Genius Profesional 17 usually creates a system restore point automatically before updating drivers. You could bring back your drivers to their earlier configuration if you did not backup drivers by Driver Genius before updating them. To restore system:

Step #1. Click ‘Restore Drivers’.

Step #2. Choose a system restore point from the list, then click ‘Next’ to start retrieving your drivers.

It is highly advised that you shut down all programs running on your Windows OS before starting the restoration task. This best practice will help you avoid conflicts caused many applications accessing the same device drive.

Additionally, do not perform any task while the software is working. Finally, Driver Genius 17 will show you a message telling to restart your PC computer after recovery operation is completed.

To restore a driver from an existing backup file:

Step #1. Click the ‘Restore Drivers’ icon.

Step #2. Choose the backup item you need retrieve drivers it, and then click ‘Next’.

If you want to restore drivers from a backup file on your hard drive or external storage device, click ‘Browse my computer for backup drivers’ and then pick up a source type.

Select ‘File’ if you drivers are included within one same file (it could be a ZIP or self-extracting file). Otherwise, select ‘Folder’ if your drivers are stored inside a directory.

Step #3. Click “Next”, and the software will display details of your backup drivers.

Step #4.¬† Choose the driver you need to recover and then click ‘Next’.

Lastly, the demo version of the software search for out-dated drivers only. So, you must register it using a valid Driver Genius Pro 17 license key to update obsolete drivers.

Drivers Backup

Driver Genius Professional 17 Review - Drivers Backup
Driver Genius Professional 17 – Drivers Backup

Driver Genius 17 Professional can identify and very fast copy and save drivers placed on your machine. It can compress the drivers to a self-extracting (an independent executable auto installer application) or zip backup file.

You must copy your drivers before reinstalling your Windows OS or upgrading your drivers.

Keep in mind that if you want to update obsolete drivers, you have to upgrade your free trial version of Driver Genius Professional 17 to its full edition, and you can accomplish this by buying a valid license code.

Live Update

Driver Genius Professional 17 Review - LiveUpdate
Driver Genius Professional 17 Review – LiveUpdate

The LiveUpdate feature enables users to download the newest edition of Driver Genius Professional easily. The latest version of the software usually includes more options, features, enhancements or fixed bugs.

To run the LiveUpdate, click¬† ‘Check for Updates’ located in the lower right area of the screen.
Remember that Driver Genius is safe and secure, and LiveUpdate will not collect or share any data stored on your computer.

Drivers Cleanup

Driver Genius Professional 17 Review - Drivers Cleanup
Driver Genius Professional 17 – Drivers Cleanup

In some cases, some drivers versions may still get stored on your machine even your Windows OS does not use them because you change some hardware or have performed driver updates.

After some period, the total size of these useless drivers will become larger and larger. Thus, they will waste your hard drive capacity and may slow down your OS performance significantly.

Driver Genius 17 can quickly detect and remove these dysfunctional items to free up more disk space, decrease CPU usage; thus maintaining your machine working smoothly.

Step #1. Click ‘Driver Cleanup’, and the Driver Genius will start looking for all not used drivers.

Step #2. Choose the invalid drivers you want to remove, and then click ‘next’ to delete them.

Finally, Driver Genius Pro 17 must be activated using a serial key to be able to be able to install drivers. Avoid searching and using a keygen and crack because they could harm your computer and data.

Hardware Info

Driver Genius Professional 17 Review - Driver Hardware Info
Driver Genius Professional 17 – Driver Hardware Info

You can use this feature to show up detailed data about every piece of hardware on your computer such as Motherboard, CPU, Video card, Hard disk and so on.

To accomplish such a task, click ‘Create Report’ to generate a detailed hardware data report.

Clean Invalid Device

Driver Genius Professional 17 Review - Clean Invalid Device
Driver Genius Professional 17 – Clean Invalid Device

Some useless device information may still exist on your operating system after you remove, replace or unplug devices. This feature can help you to erase the data of invalid devices from your Windows OS registry entirely.

To achieve this operation, click ‘Toolkit’, and then click ‘Clean Invalid Device’.

Keep in mind that Driver Genius 17 Professional will show external devices such as USB drives, memory cards, scanners, portable hard disks, and printer as invalid devices. Therefore, you should not remove them if you will use them again.

System Transfer Assistant

Driver Genius Professional 17 Review - System Transfer Assistant
Driver Genius Professional 17 – System Transfer Assistant

System transfer assistant allows you to connect your machine automatically to your local network immediately after re-installing your operation system.

First, click ‘Toolkit’, then select ‘System transfer assistant’.

Second, choose the Windows operation system you will setup. Now, the software will show you all network cards and network settings in the current OS.

Third, click ‘Backup network settings’ option to copy the current wireless network configuration.

Fourth, click ‘Browse’ to pick up a destination folder where to save your settings. I advise your exporting the file in an external hard drive or USB flash memory.

Fifth, click ‘Next’ to generate the backup file.

Moreover, you can re-configure your wireless network card by running the auto-installer package.

Finally, Driver Genius Professional 17 edition must be activated using an original license code to be able to upgrade out-dated drivers.

Driver Genius Professional 17 Review: Buy Original license code and stay away from Driver Genius Professional 17 cracks and keygens

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