Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 4.61 Overview: Capture Screen on Mac and PC

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro Review - Main Interface
Icecream Screen Recorder Pro – Main Interface

Icecream Screen Recorder 4.61 is an intuitive software that allows users to record any area of Windows desktop either as a screenshot or a video clip. The software comes with a user-friendly interface that includes a full set of features and tools to produce high-quality videos and images.

Using this screen recording software, you can record webinars, tutorials, games, podcasts and Skype videos in HD in a hassle-free way.

You can download a free trial of the software, which allows producing videos of at most five minutes. However, if you want to remove this limitation, you will have to activate Icecream Screen Recorder Pro using a valid license key.

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Key Features of Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 4.61

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 4.61 Review- Taking Screenshots
Icecream Screen Recorder Pro – Taking Screenshots

Screenshot capturing and editing

The software enables taking screenshots of an entire display, app window, or a particular portion of it. Users may export the files as JPG or PNG photos, send them to clipboard or perhaps publish screenshots as Web addresses.

Video Capturing

Icecream Screen Recorder enables users to record streaming video, desktop, gaming sessions, and any other on-screen tasks and exports the output files in MP4, WebM, and MKV formats.

The software allows to interrupt, continue and halt the job whenever you want, draw on the display screen, pick the preferred image resolution of the video clips. Additionally, it delivers a range of valuable settings.


Icecream Screen Recorder allows editing and writing comments on the video clips and screenshots through drawing and text features. Users can write or sketch within the captured video or picture to spotlight, tag out or add some details.

Icecream Screen Recorder also supplies end users with many of these options such as arrow, brush, circle, rectangle, step tool, and text.

Sound Recording

The application effectively inspects both system and microphone sounds. To capture Windows system sounds, adjust the balance and volume configurations and let Icecream Screen Recorder Pro 4.6 capture video and sound at the same time.

Moreover, it is also feasible to use a microphone to add notes to a video that’s getting recorded.

Stop, Resume and Pause screen capturing

The software allows you to interrupt video recording at any instant to include more components, adjust the background, do the editing, etc. Following that, you can easily continue the task, and it will resume from the last position it had been paused at it.

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro Review - Recording history
Icecream Screen Recorder Pro – Recording history

Active Desktop

Users can turn on the Windows desktop at the time of screen recording or screenshot capturing using the ‘Switch’ button and work with it in a regular mode.

Hence, end users can just swap among windows, open new programs, tabs, and folders, etc.

Full-Screen Game Filming

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro enables you to capture video games with a sound and notes on them while playing.
People who capture their video gaming sessions will enjoy the software’s capability to record the monitor in a full-screen style.

Therefore, they can film themselves when playing video games without cutting off any panels. This way they can produce high-quality video gaming demonstrations.

Several Hotkeys

Icecream Screen Recorder presents some hotkey combinations for a better user experience. The software comes with default hotkeys that allow you to resume, pause, and end a video recording session.

Moreover, they will help you take a screenshot, duplicate it or save it as a URL, and much more. If the default combinations do not fit your needs, you can change them, remove them, or even add new ones.

Last but not least, all the hotkey combinations that include Ctrl or Ctrl+Shift used through the screen recording job will be shown in the output video.

Fast access using the software’s icon placed in the notifications area

The image of Icecream Screen Recorder Pro is positioned in the notifications area when you launch the program or when you hide its window.

Users can use the icon to get quick access to primary features such as video or screenshot settings, main settings, etc. Moreover, then, they can continue to manage the software from the Windows desktop.

Disk space limitations

If you do not have enough disk space or do not need to produce large video files, Icecream Screen Recorder Pro allows you to configure the size of video files and disk space constraints.

In fact, the program will stop capturing video once the size of the current file or the among of free disk space exceeds the threshold you already set.

This way the software cannot record and produce too big files. Thus, you can control the resources of your computer efficiently.

Hide/highlight the mouse

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro allows you to show or hide the mouse icon during screen recording. Moreover, you can setup the software to highlight it if needed based on your particular scenario.

This options very useful when recording video game sessions or tutorials and reviews.

Lastly, the around mouse recording mode helps users set the size of the recording region, and it will continue the same as you move the mouse.

Hide desktop icons

When recording tutorials, hiding desktop icons helps the viewers of your video demonstration focus on the actual window you are capturing, and thus this will increase their focus level and learning experience.

If you do not need the desktop icons to appear in the recorded video, you use a specific option in Icecream Screen Recorder Pro to hide them. Therefore, the software will capture everything on your Windows desktop except the icons on it.

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro Review - Settings
Icecream Screen Recorder Pro – Settings

Scheduled recording and comfortable sharing

Icecream Screen Recorder allows users to manage your routinely screen recording process. The software comes with a built-in feature that helps you configure a scheduled screen capture by specifying its start and end date/time.

Therefore, the program will perform the job within the time periods you have entered before.
Moreover, Icecream Screen Recorder Pro allows users to share their screenshots online.

In fact, it gives you two manners to do this, which are adding them to buffer for later usage or sharing pictures as URLs.

Zoom in/Zoom out

If you to put the focus on a particular area of your screen capturing, you can use the Zoom in/Zoom out feature.
It enables you to expand the recorded section up to 16 times. Also, you can check the zoom ratio of the current video on the control panel.

Custom watermark

Watermark increase your level of brand awareness. Thus, it would good to add them to your output videos.

The program enables users to add text watermarks to your recorded videos. Additionally, Icecream Screen Recorder allows you also to insert a photo as a watermark; and you specify its opacity and position within your video.

Step tool

Step tool is one of the best features of Icecream Screen Recorder Pro. It enables users to produce instructions-based tutorials.

All you need to do is launching the tool and clicking on the screen to insert numbered markers into your recorded video. Moreover, you can restart the current stepping to create a new listing.

Area auto detection

To choose a particular component to be captured conveniently there’s an area auto recognition recording setting. Hover the mouse cursor while working in this mode over a window or perhaps other element found on your display screen to pick the region to be recorded.

Webcam capturing

Icecream Screen Recorder allows attaching webcam picture throughout the video capture procedure. The size of the livecam screen could be tailored and launched 100 % size of the recording region.

The position of the web cam picture can also be moved within the chosen area to be recorded.

Icecream Screen Recorder Pro Review: Buy Original license key and stay away from Icecream Screen Recorder Pro cracks and keygens

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