ParetoLogic Internet Security Review: Download you Free Trial Now!

ParetoLogic Internet Security consists of a genuine scanning and cleaning engine that discovers and totally gets rid of the most intensely rooted infections, spyware, and various other malware, like rootkits, which try to hide the tracks of possibly harmful spyware and adware.

As you will discover in the next paragraphs of this review, ParetoLogic Internet Security’s interface is user-friendly and simple to understand.

Cyber-attackers can wipe out your personal computer. Infections, malware, Trojans viruses or rootkits – all of them are searching for a strategy to get on your PC.

In cases where you feel contaminated, these destructive applications dominate your computer, trigger break downs, or gain access to your beneficial data.

You must have a good antivirus software program that guards your personal computer against a number of dangers.

In fact, ParetoLogic Internet Security represents a good solution to avoid all of these issues because it has a lot of powerful features as you see in the next paragraphs of this review.

Additionally, to make sure that you benefit from the software and are totally safeguarded, ParetoLogic’s committed tech support team staff is here to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues.

What is ParetoLogic Internet Security?


ParetoLogic Internet Security is all-in-one antivirus software program that delivers high quality security against all sorts of online dangers.

The Firewall functionality provides you a complete power over your web and local network traffic by supplying advanced IDS (Intrusion Detection System), monitoring, logging, and custom made port or program rules/requirements.

The Active Protection and Web Shield features will take care of you against drive-by downloads and doubtful data files when you browse the net.

Anti-Phishing functionality and advanced Email Protection protect your electronic mails and personal contact list.

ParetoLogic Internet Security Features

Thorough Scanning and Cleaning: the software scans and cleans spyware, computer viruses and worms, Trojan downloaders and a lot more more. The software allows you to perform three scan options: quick , full and custom scan.

To start a Quick Scan, click the Home tab from the top pane of ParetoLogic Internet Security window and then Click on Scan Now.

To start a Full Scan, click the Home tab on the top pane of the application screen, click on the Scan Options button, and then click Start Full Scan.

To begin a Custom Scan: first, open the Home tab, and then click the Scan Options button; second, click Add Folder, select and add all objects you want to scan, and then click on Scan Selected Folder.

Keep in mind that you must Click the Clean button in order to clean all selected infected items.


Easy-to-Use: the software’s user interface is clean and its scanning workflow is intuitive and seamless.

The window give you the ability to configure settings, perform quick, full, and custom Scans, check scan results, clean infected items and detected threats, and more.

Additionally, the interface of ParetoLogic Internet Security allows you to get an overview of the scan results.


Dynamic Active Protection: ParetoLogic Internet Security dynamically protects your PC against all types of threats, malware and viruses, with real-time blocking of doubtful files.

Additionally, the software allows users to specify how it should handle threats found in real-time.

To select a default action when Internet Security finds a threat; select an option from the drop-down menu in the Active Protection page.


Email Security: Don’t get hooked by phishing scams, this feature secures your email contact list and inbox from viruses, computer worms and malicious files.

This feature keeps your Windows safe from threats that spread through emails.

ParetoLogic Internet Security will automatically scan all your email attachments and find for possible viruses and malware infections.

Select the ON or OFF switch next to Enable Email Security in order To turn Email Security on or off.

In addition, ParetoLogic Internet Security allows you to protect certain email programs and exclude others if you have more than one in use.

For example, if you have Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird both installed on your PC, you can instruct ParetoLogic to secure Thunderbird only.


Advanced Firewall: The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) denies network threats automatically from compromising your data.

This feature allows you to monitor traffic in order to know what activities (surfing, downloading, instant messaging ….) go inside and outside of your computer, monitor statistics and events, lock-down your internet connection, view log files, and add custom program and port rules.

Select the OFF/ON switch in the Firewall window in order to turn the Firewall on or off. Instantly, the firewall status bar will show automatically the actual status of the firewall feature.


Web Shield: Automatically secure your browser from websites that are known to distribute malware.

You can also specify websites to block or allow. Web Shield feature protects your Internet browser from being hacked by websites that are known to flood malware and Trojans.

It allows you also to add websites to block and websites to allow surfing for in its list of exceptions.

To turn the Web Shield on or off, Select the ON or OFF switch in the Web Shield window, which includes a list of exceptions.

These are websites that ParetoLogic Internet Security attempted to block but you have chosen to allow them.

To allow or deny a website through the Web Shield: in the feature’s page, click the Add… button, type the website address in the Domain/URL field, select Allow or Block, and then click OK.


Anti-Rootkit Technology: Rootkits are malware that try to steal administrator-level control while also attempting to hide their tracks – but they are no match for ParetoLogic Internet Security.


Ignore List: allows you can add trusted files to a list to prevent them from being scanned by the software.

The Ignore List shows objects and folders/drives that you do not want to be scanned.

At any time, you can select folders and files so that ParetoLogic Internet Security avoid them during the scan of any kind (quick, full, or custom), or not display in the scan results window.

Once the scan operation finishes, you can setup the software to ignore specific items detected in a scan.

To do so, next to the item you want to ignore, click into the Clean Action column, and then Choose Ignore Always or Ignore Once to send the item to the Ignore list or to ignore the item for the current scan only, respectively.

In this second case, the item will still show up in the future scans.


Selection and Removal: You can choose to clean all of the items ParetoLogic Internet Security has detected after it completes a scan.

You can also select only those you want cleaned. When the results are displayed, you can clear the items that you do not want cleaned.

Quarantine is a secure location on your computer that ParetoLogic Internet Security uses to stock infected items that could not be cleaned.

You can access the quarantine page from the Advanced section by opening the Home tab, clicking Features at the bottom and then clicking Quarantine.


Automatic Scheduled Scans: With ParetoLogic Internet Security you can add whether a full or quick scan schedules to run daily or weekly.


Free & Frequent Definition Updates: the software offers unlimited updates for its built-in antivirus, antispyware, and antimalware databases and intrusion detection system to protect your hardware and data against emerging threats.

Lockdown Computer: this feature allows you to shut down/block all network traffic to and from your computer if you’re worried about malware compromising your system.

Is ParetoLogic Internet Security Safe To Use?

Yes, it is a legit software and it does not represent a danger on your data. Instead, it will help you protect your valuable data and keep it secure from malicious threats such as viruses and malware.

Additionally, the software is easy to use to help you block unknown people from accessing your computer.

Best ParetoLogic Internet Security’s Alternative

Today, Bitdefender Internet Security is the most powerful internet security software. It is awarded “product of the year”.

The software does not impact your PC’s performance because it uses machine-learning to kill malicious users and objects.

Bitdefender Internet Security automatically offers the best security features for you, including securing your data, online payments and privacy.

It also prevents unauthorized access to your private information with a two-way Firewall. Additionally, you can configure it to discreetly protect your children online.

How To Activate your ParetoLogic Internet Security Serial Key?

You can download free ParetoLogic Internet Security version to try it out. It is unregistered by default and does not include active protection and network security features such Web Shield, Email Security and the advanced Firewall.

On the other hand, the scan feature allows you to search for malware installed on your computer for free in order to make sure if your PC is infected.

To be able to use all the software’s features including free updates, active protection and free scan, you have to buy a license key.

Once you register with your email address, ParetoLogic will send you a registration key for the program.

Depending on your subscription, features will include active protection, firewall, web sheild, and mail security. Here are the steps to get a ParetoLogic Internet Security serial key:

  • Click the Register Now link on the program window.
  • Click the About button, and then click the Get License Key button.
  • Right-click the ParetoLogic Internet Security icon in the system tray area and select Register.
  • Your Internet browser opens and follow the instructions.
  • At this step, a registration key will be sent to you to the email address you’ve used during this process. All that you need to do now to benefit from all the functions of your security software is enter your license key as shown in the next two steps.
  • Click on the About button.
  • Enter your serial key, and click OK.

How To Remove/Uninstall ParetoLogic Internet Security?

Follow these steps to uninstall the program:

  • Click Start or press the Windows logo on your keyboard.
  • Select Control Panel, or type Control Panel and select it from the list.
  • Under the Programs section, choose Uninstall a Program (Windows XP: Add or Remove Programs).
  • Select ParetoLogic Internet Security.
  • Click the Uninstall/Change button (Windows XP: Change/Remove).

System Requirements for ParetoLogic Internet Security

The following are the minimum levels required. For improved responsiveness we recommend higher system specifications than those presented here:

  • 190 MB free hard disk space required for initial installation
  • Internet connection
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above
  • Operating privileges: logged on as administrator to install and uninstall
  • About 2GB of RAM
  • About 1 GHz Processor Speed

How to Download and Setup ParetoLogic Internet Security?

setup screen ParetoLogic Internet Security is compatible with the Windows® 7/8/10 32-bit and 64-bit Operating System.

Click the button below to download your free trial; a standard File Download message window will appear. Follow the instructions that best suit the browser you are using:

  • If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, a browser Security Warning dialog box, then click Save or Run to setup the program.


  • If you are using Firefox as your browser, Click the Save File button to save the file to a location when you will be asked “Would you like to save this file?”.
  • Double-click on the application setup file, and give permission for the Setup Wizard to launch by clicking the “Next” button.
  • Click Next to proceed on the Welcome to ParetoLogic Internet Security Setup window.
  • Click I Agree to the End User License Agreement.
  • Select Default (recommended) for type of install, then click Next.
  • Click Install to begin the full installation of ParetoLogic Internet Security.


ParetoLogic Internet Security is a good software to secure your PC.

It has all the feature you need to get rid of all common malware objects in order to protect your data, you PC’s hardware and also your children when they are surfing the Internet.

However, it is not the best in its category. But the software offers a 30-days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with it, you can cancel your subscription, and go buy BitDefender Internet Security.

ParetoLogic Internet Security Review: Buy Original license key and stay away from ParetoLogic Internet Security cracks and keygens

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